Massage for Cancer

10 Reasons to Get a Massage if You Have Cancer

  1. When you are diagnosed with cancer, you might feel afraid, alone, angry or overwhelmed. The caring touch of another individual, along with other coping strategies, can really make a difference to your quality of life.
  2. Search for a massage therapist who has worked with cancer patients before, maybe even with your type of cancer. We are out there, well read, up to date and experienced, just waiting for you to ask for help.
  3. Massage decreases anxiety through relaxation, improves sleep and reduces muscle tension and pain. The massage session can also provide a space for you to be just who you are without judgment.
  4. The right massage therapist understands that they are not trying to ‘make you better’. Instead they are providing palliative care – comfort measures.
  5. Drip systemAs you may know, massage acts as a cleansing so it often works very well to help clear your body of residual toxins after cancer treatments.
  6. Your massage therapist will be willing to work under the direction of your oncologist or family doctor to understand any restrictions or limitations you may have with regard to massage. He/she will keep accurate notes on the work performed and changes noted; these will be open to a supervising physician.
  7. You probably have not even asked your oncologist if massage is a good idea with your particular type of cancer. Open your mind and let down your guard. If you’re apprehensive about getting a massage, know that we have your overall health and well-being in mind.
  8. Your therapist will do a detailed intake with you before touching you, so you can rest assured that they understand your symptoms, medications and side effects.
  9. Your therapist will be flexible with the length of your massage as well as the position in which you can receive massage. Massage sessions can be scheduled appropriately to fit around chemo or other tiring treatments so your body benefits from the massage.
  10. Why not?! When so many appointments will be for uncomfortable poking and prodding, it’s lovely to have a pleasurable time set aside just for you.