Happy Devotion Day!

Valentines Day is associated with love and romance certainly, but also with devotion.

While there is a religious explanation of devotion as piety, holiness and religious observance, there is also a more common definition that speaks of faithfulness, constancy, commitment, dedication and admiration.

Rather than focusing on cards and gifts this year (though a massage gift certificate is always appreciated when given), perhaps we could spend a moment considering how faithful and committed we are in our relationships.

Positive quoteAre we faithful to those close to us?
Do we speak well of them to others?
Do we gossip and spread rumors?
Do we give others the benefit of the doubt?
Are we primarily loving in our responses to friends and family?
How committed are we to our causes?

I am not taking the high ground here since I can be as thoughtless as the worst person when speaking of friends and loved ones sometimes. I am just re-thinking how I spend my words and thoughts to see if I can be a bit kinder. Time well spent.

Happy devotion day!

Happy Devotion Day!