New Spa Services at Body Dialog Massage!

I have been researching a few spa-like services I can offer at Jordan Road. These will be both health and beauty based and at prices far below the local day spas. Here are some ideas.

It’s springtime, which is when many of us in Sedona do a semi-annual cleanse and when the milder weather coaxes us out onto the trails again. Get ready for summer with an exfoliating scrub or a relaxing clay wrap.

I will have simple, clean products and a complimentary tester kit for clients interested in trying the new services. By using the tester kit, you can be sure you are not allergic and can thoroughly enjoy the spa service(s) you choose.

Women and some men have long understood the benefits of regular exfoliation and rehydration for all over skin health and suppleness. Taking a warm wrap in tandem with the salt scrub deepens the cleansing process while providing significant health advantages.

A clay wrap is good for any acne, psoriasis or eczema condition while reducing inflammation throughout the body. This type of wrap makes it equally attractive for those with arthritis or those who just feel ‘creaky’ and sore.

Watch for more details in Mays’ blog when I will have my ‘recipes’ finalized and my equipment ready!