Don’t ignore a pain in the neck

Got neck pain? Get a massage!

If you have pesky neck pain that radiates from your shoulders and up into your head, massage could be more effective than muscle relaxers and anti-inflammatory meds.

You may want to check with your physical therapist, physician, chiropractor or other trusted health care advisor if you have not received massage before, so that your massage therapy can work efficiently with other treatments to speed your recovery.

Keep in mind it may take a few sessions and some ‘homework’ to get rid of your symptoms so make a plan with your massage therapist on the first visit. Your plan should include your short and long term goals (this session as well as after several sessions) and what you need to do at home to help meet those goals (rest, ice, heat, stretch, exercises).

So if you are among the growing number of people that prefer to help themselves as much as possible without drugs, call your massage therapist and look for some immediate relief that can last several days.