Travel and Massage

I would like to share my recent massage experience in Cheltenham, UK.

Let’s begin at the beginning. You know the joys of international travel when you finally fall asleep on the aircraft for 30 minutes and wake up with a neck that no longer works, a nice hot poker between your shoulder blades and unruly dry mouth (so you know your mouth dropped delicately open at some point)? That was me just a few weeks ago on my way to England. I certainly see a lot of this in my fellow passengers too so I know it could be any one of us.

As a massage therapist of 25 years now, I always default to a massage when I’m away from home. Finding a chiro or osteopath in a strange country can be scary but a massage usually feels good and often resolves the issues brought on by schlepping luggage and the aforementioned nap at 40,000 feet.

Bridge ImageNone of my close or extended family could recommend anyone when I arrived in Cheltenham, England (though we did try going to the pub several times to take my mind off it) so I cruised the net and came up with a few hopeful locations. Cindy at The Vineyard Practice called me back within a couple of hours and was able to chat knowledgeably about my pain. She gave me a time and day for an appointment in a week or so and reminded me about how I could ease myself until then. I looked no further. This was my kind of massage therapist and I knew I would be taken care of.

Fast forward to me on the table (by the way, the English are much more open than us in some ways so there was no privacy to undress) enjoying the therapeutic benefits, when she asked if I’d like the osteopath to pop in and pop my back? He was there in a flash and after a question or two about my history he did a couple of adjustments and I felt like myself again. What a great service! When I left I felt so good I couldn’t have cared less that it was raining cats and dogs.

Of course we did have to go to the pub the next few days to celebrate…