Body Dialog Clients

My clients are among the best in the world. They are the kind of people that know how to take care of themselves and others. They understand that optimal health is not just the absence of symptoms or lack of pain. They make time for relaxing, for ‘vegging out’ or daydreaming. They are introspective and examine their inner landscape physically and emotionally, some of them spiritually too. They do this because they understand that this enables them to be more of themselves and as a result they are more available to others. They have a sense of humor about themselves and about life. They have often accumulated a team of people that work with them to lessen their pain or increase their well-being. They know that benefits accrue cumulatively from getting massages, eating well, exercising and loving someone. They are learning how to balance their workload with playtime. They value quality of life and personal relationships, including the one they have with themselves.