Your Body is Thirsty!

Water and Massage

I know that I have written before about the necessity and benefits of staying hydrated for athletes at every level, but it is equally important for someone receiving massage.

When the body is ‘dry’, that is when it has inadequate levels of water and electrolytes, it is harder to work the tissues from the therapists’ point of view and is less comfortable for the receiver. Dry muscles cramp much more easily and dry trigger points (knots) often refer more pain back into the body and release less easily.

When you think about it, massage is a lot like exercise in its’ effect on bodily hydration. Exercise pumps and sweats precious fluids out of the body at an accelerated rate, leaving your blood highly concentrated with the left over toxins from increased activity. Your body makes you aware of the need for water by you feeling thirsty.

Massage too squeezes your muscles, which in turn squeeze your lymph system and they both dump their accumulated toxins into the blood supply, which then becomes overloaded and harder for your organs to filter. Toxins accumulate from almost everything we do, but pollution from poor foods, medications, dirty air and stress are big offenders. You may not feel thirsty after a massage but it is important to replenish the water in your body so that the toxins are quickly flushed out through the kidneys and not re-deposited in your soft tissues which can make you feel bruised and sore, rather than refreshed and relaxed.

Water is also therapeutic as a direct tool for recovery from exercise or from a vigorous massage. Use cold water for pain or injury and hot water for muscle relaxation. Step into your pool, jacuzzi shower or tub for immediate relief.

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Cool Tip!

When you drink water, drink slowly and often, rather than guzzling a whole bunch at once. Hold the water in your mouth for a moment, so your body knows it’s there, before you swallow it.

If you have trouble drinking enough water, imagine it as the fountain of youth and toast to your health with each pure, refreshing glass!

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