Sedona Hikers Massage

Sedona Hikers Massage!!
Good news for hiking bodies.

Been hiking?
Sedona is well known for its beautiful landscape and fabulous variety of hiking trails. Many people come here specifically for the incredible experience of seeing Sedona’s monuments and mountains up close from the trails, often spending several days and hiking a different trail each day.

After living here for nine years and hiking several times each week I am still excited by natures ever-changing canvas and delighted by so many trail choices.

As a massage therapist of twenty-five years I have also seen my share of sore backs, legs and feet on my massage table.

It feels great to use our bodies and push the limits of what we can do; it also feels great to offer ourselves a little R & R massage time so we can get out there and do it again. The more strenuous the hike, the more your body will appreciate it.

With that in mind I have developed a massage specifically for hikers, called the Sedona Hikers Massage.

We know where you hurt.
• Sedona Hikers Massage focuses on your feet, which take most of the wear and tear and also targets those muscles in the legs, thighs, hips and back that most likely need help from prolonged walking or hiking.
• Alpine hiking (up and downhill) can mimic the stresses of running. Downhill often hurts us more than uphill affecting specifically quads, knees and IT band (outer edge of your thigh).
• Hiking boots give great ankle support but they add weight and stress to the knees. Make sure your shoes fit right to avoid hot spots.
• Carrying a pack even just a hydration pack, leads to upper/lower back, shoulder and neck soreness. The heavier the pack, the greater the strain.
• Using a walking stick or poles can really help with stability and endurance because they distribute the stresses more evenly between upper and lower limbs, but if you use them you will find soreness in wrists, upper arms and back.

Get the Treatment!
In this 90-minute treatment we begin by soaking your feet in an herbal/salt solution for a few minutes click here for the ingredients, to draw out the soreness and start the relaxation, followed by 20 minutes of reflexology, to cool and restore your feet and give you back all the energy blocked in them. Then we work through a full-body massage, with Body Dialogs unique oil blend click here for the ingredients> designed to melt and loosen tight muscles. If needed, I will recommend extreme focus on just a few areas and ice massage might be used to decrease inflammation. To finish up, you will be comfortably moved through the normal range of motion for your hips, legs and feet, effectively resetting your body into alignment. Way to go!