Don’t let tension headaches ruin your day!

Here are some tips to keep you out of trouble.
Pay attention to your posture. As we go through life we become accustomed to the way we do things, the way we sit, get out of the car, sleep, walk. Each body is put together a little differently too, so our unique strengths and weaknesses come into play. Over time our body takes on our habits and makes them permanent. Well, semi-permanent, because it’s important to realize that we can change and the body will follow our lead.
Sitting – Sit with a straight back whether it’s at the computer or on the couch. Use a small roll if you need it. Feet are both on the floor and weight is even over both hips.
Standing – Stand with chest high and tummy and buttocks pulled in, knees soft.
Moving – Move as mindfully and gracefully as you can and don’t stay in one posture for too long.
Don’t frown or clench your jaw. We all tend to do this as a means of concentration but it can become exaggerated when we are tired or when our eyes are fatigued. Often we clamp our jaw tight when we are upset or frustrated. Smile for no reason; it will lift your mood.
A better way to focus is to breathe consciously. It adds oxygen (obviously) and calms us, bringing us back to the present moment in a more relaxed and focused condition.
Clear your mind of clutter. Make a list of things that are on your mind or just resolve to deal with them later. Make sure you do!
Lightly press your fingers all around your eye sockets to relieve strain or sinus pressure. Slide your fingers across eyebrows and also down each side of your nose.
Relax your neck muscles.
There are four major muscles in the neck that are known for causing headaches. You can see them in this image. Remember, your head can weigh up to 12 pounds and neck muscles are easily fatigued. Don’t be afraid to use your fingers to deeply massage these four muscles whenever a headache threatens.
  • I have a small lotion bottle with a rounded top that works beautifully for this purpose at stoplights.
  • You can also get on the floor with two tennis balls in a sock, placing them right under this area of your neck.
Best of all, of course is to call me for a massage and I’d be happy to help! (480-720-6853)
Just these few tips will really help you feel better and will keep a headache at bay…perhaps permanently.

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