Breasts and Belly – Part One – Breast Massage

When was the last time you included a breast massage in your regular massage appointment?
While some women assume breasts will be included in a full body massage, most American women are more protective of these sensitive areas and in general there is still significant stigma attached to breast massage.
Consider these nine reasons why you might want to ask about breast massage the next time you see your therapist:
  • Massage assists in general recovery after cancer surgery and treatment.
  •  Helps prevent hardening after breast enhancement (capsular contracture).
  •  Improves breast health through better lymphatic drainage and blood circulation.
  •  Relieves breast tenderness where cancer has been ruled out.
  •  Lessens breast scarring.
  •  Relieves engorged breasts during pregnancy and breast-feeding.
  •  Reduces PMS tenderness.
  •  Opens the chest and eases breathing where posture is poor.
  •  Encourages breast self-examination and a positive relationship with ones own breasts.

Breast massage should always be done with respect and mindfulness. Your massage therapist will discuss with you how the session will proceed and will ask for separate written consent. She will use sufficient draping and will check in often with you to make sure you are comfortable. Male therapists might want to refer their female clients to a trusted female associate.
After chatting with your therapist, you may decide to make breast massage a regular part of your health care.