Sedona Massage

Anyone can do what I do. All you need is the desire to lovingly and knowledgeably touch another human being, the integrity to keep a pure intent and the compassion to withhold judgment on what you see and hear. This has been my credo as a professional massage therapist for the last 6 years. Of course, not all massage therapists are created equal and while price is always important, your search for the ultimate deal should not overshadow your desire to have a massage in Sedona from someone you feel comfortable with and also confident in.

When looking for your Sedona massage, locals know that a word of mouth referral is always best. As a visitor to the area you may not have that luxury, so here are a few tips to help you seek out the best massage therapist for your needs.

  • Look for a licensed, insured massage therapist who is willing to tell you about their qualifications and experience with your particular condition, concern or age group.
  • Ask how your session might go and what you can expect.
  • Ask them what their specialty is and how long they’ve been in practice.  They should also be willing to work with recommendations from your doctor or physical therapist if necessary.

If your prospective massage therapist is unresponsive to any of your inquiries, look for someone else. They should be friendly, open, positive and professional during your initial conversation. If they are not, you may have concerns about entrusting your body to them for your Sedona massage.

During the massage, realize that it’s up to you to tell the therapist what pressure feels good and what you like and dislike. This way you will have the very best massage experience Sedona has to offer.

My own local success is the result of word of mouth referrals and repeat bookings from satisfied customers. Travelers returning to Sedona will often look me up again for a massage. My philosophy is simply to be present and to ‘hold the space’ for my clients, adjusting the massage moment by moment to their changing needs. I always do my very best massage with each individual and try to do all that I can to help him or her.  I will be happy to give local references upon request.

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