What You Can Expect

  • This is your time and you are the expert on your healing. I will do everything possible to ensure your experience is positive and rewarding.
  • With this in mind, I will encourage you to tell me what feels right for you and what does not. You will be asked about your reasons for getting a treatment and other pertinent topics.
  • Clients will be encouraged to continue with regular massage therapy and to care for themselves at home through mindfulness of posture, gentle stretching, self massage, use of heat or cold, meditation or breathing techniques.
  • Often your body will continue to process the massage once you have left the massage table, allowing positive changes to occur for hours or days afterwards.

I encourage individuals to participate in their own health care decisions integrating holistic, alternative and conventional methods.

  • Relaxation relieves stress and anxiety.
  • Improve energy level and alertness.
  • Detox and cleanse your whole system.
  • Boost immunity.
  • Increase flexibility.
  • Shorten recovery and rehab.
  • Promote high level wellness
  • Provide balance and harmony.
  • Increase circulation and decrease blood pressure.
  • Reduce pain and discomfort from accidents and injuries.
  • Palliative care for terminal illnesses and chronic pain.
  • Revisit mind, body and spirit.

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