About Rosemary

rosemary-working-300My passion for massage therapy comes from seeing the positive changes it makes for a variety of conditions clients bring to my table. Massage is non-invasive and fast! I know you will feel better after just one session because the work is always custom and yet you are in control even if we work on deep structures. I work with you, not on you so that you leave feeling looser, lighter and more relaxed. Adversity in my own life brought me to study massage therapy 25 years ago so I saw first hand how massage therapy consistently brings pain relief on a physical and personal basis. Through all the years of continuing education and countless hours of ‘hands-on’ work with clients, I strive to bring everything I know and all that I am to each session without holding back.

I specialize in working therapeutically with pain, injury rehab and recovery and I have noticed that the basis of many illnesses is chronic stress and inflammation. One of the main benefits of massage is breaking the stress response, calming all systems and giving an immune boost. The more regular the sessions, the more cumulative the effects.

From my perspective that’s something to get fired up about!