Swedish Relaxation Massage

One of the major benefits of massage is deep relaxation. Most illnesses have a basis in chronic stress and inflammation, through compromising our immune system so it makes perfect sense to seek out a relaxing Swedish-type massage regularly.

If you have only had a couple of occasional massages in your life then chances are they were Swedish. Within that modality there are many different styles but they all employ the long muscle strokes that are so relaxing.

This massage is for you if you are anxious or stressed or having trouble sleeping. Or maybe you just want to relax and luxuriate for an hour or two!


  • Aromatherapy: Add to any massage $10.00
  • Hands and Feet: Additional 30 minutes $40.00
  • Hot Stones: Add to any massage $15.00
  • Warm Facial Massage: Additional 15 minutes $20.00
  • (Addons Detailed Descriptions)

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