Stretching for your Health

Stretching… is still one of the most commonly overlooked areas of wellness. When we are active, our bodies need adequate stretching warm-up/preparation to perform. Stretching optimizes the learning, practice and performance of many skilled movements; it promotes balance and symmetry and helps reduce the risk of injury. When we are done with our activity, stretching reduces muscular soreness and minimizes recovery time.

As we begin aging, it is imperative to keep as much flexibility as possible since studies show that we lose 10% of our range of motion for every 10 years we age! Much of this loss can be attributed to inactivity, dehydration and decrease in collagen levels. Stretching, when performed properly, allows and encourages maximum flexibility. It also improves our body awareness and overall posture so that we can retain youthful stance and gait.

If we choose to pursue the path of self-knowledge, the discipline of regular stretching increases our ability to relax physically and mentally. We find we have more ease in our body as natural endorphins (happy hormones!) are released, enabling us to reach for higher states of awareness and focus.

Ask for this healthful, pain-free session as a stand alone therapy or as an add-on to your regular massage.

Self test. Can you:

  • Bend over at the hips and touch the floor?
  • Turn just your head and see behind you?
  • Touch your hand behind you to between your shoulder blades?
  • Bring your knees in all the way to your chest?
  • Pull your heel to your buttock?
  • Regular flexibility sessions can help you walk with better balance and move with more grace.

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