The word Reiki can be meaningfully interpreted as “spiritually (transcendentally) guided life force”. It is an integral way to heal, harmonize and balance. It is not a religion, sect or dogma. Members of many religious groups use Reiki and find it compatible with their beliefs.

The art originates in Japan from Mikao Usui and was brought to the West in 1938.

The Reiki ideals:

  • The secret art of inviting happiness
  • The miraculous medicine of all diseases:
  • Just for today, do not be angry
  • Do not worry; be filled with gratitude
  • Devote yourself to your work and be kind to people
  • Every morning and evening join your hands in prayer
  • Pray these words to your heart
  • Chant these words with your mouth

When a person receives a Reiki treatment, clean, positive energy flows through their auric field, clearing the pathways and allowing their life energy to flow in a natural, healthy way. The practitioner always comes from a place of love, compassion, kindness and respect. The practitioner will not ‘slip Reiki to you’ without your knowledge and express permission.

Reiki is gentle, yet also very powerful. It can help with many issues, from a headache or sunburn to releasing unwanted habits and behaviors. As always the practitioner is the facilitator or catalyst for change, so you are not receiving anything from them but rather, through them.

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