Lymphatic Massage

The lymph system is the body’s waste disposal system.

Its network reaches spaces between individual cells, draining into larger and larger vessels, passing through the lymph nodes for filtration and finally returning the fluid to the blood supply. The lymph system absorbs waste particles too large for our blood vessels to accommodate and renders them harmless.

Sometimes this system becomes backed up, resulting in localized swelling and tenderness as it struggles to keep up with the bodys demands. Sometimes illness can cause this back up, but so can the removal of lymph nodes during surgery. An incomplete or damaged lymph system functions inconsistently with significantly reduced flow.

Symptoms can include:

  • Local swelling and pain
  • Impaired movement
  • Broken, ‘weeping’ skin

Lymphatic massage, knowledgeably applied, increases lymph flow and efficiency, relieving pain and clearing the whole system. You will see an improvement in one session.

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