Integrated Therapeutic Massage

My most popular massage! It is a deeper session where together we choose the modalities that will best address your needs. This massage is more focused on specific issues than on doing a full body treatment.

I may use some ‘Neuromuscular Massage’ to get between the tissue layers or trigger point work to break up tight areas. I may use very light strokes if you have inflammation or swelling and I may stretch limbs and put your joints gently through their available range of movement. Everything is done to restore muscles to their normal function and resting length.

This massage is for you if you have overdone it physically or if you work out regularly. Get relief after long journeys or prolonged computer use.


  • Aromatherapy: Add to any massage $10.00
  • Hands and Feet: Additional 30 minutes $40.00
  • Hot Stones: Add to any massage $15.00
  • Warm Facial Massage: Additional 15 minutes $20.00
  • (Addons Detailed Descriptions)

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