Stress Management

Here’s a shocking statistic – in the U.S. 40% of deaths and 70% of disease are related to stress. Stress pushes us towards a condition of imbalance, which makes us prone to accidents, disease and premature aging. Deepak Chopra says that normally 90% of cells’ energy goes to building new RNA & DNA but, when the brain perceives a threat, that process is set aside so there is no growth or repair. When I was first in private massage practice, my MD would tell me that most of the people in his waiting room should be in mine. So, manage your stress and give yourself a free, painless face-lift with a massage.

It may be difficult to take care of ourselves when we are over stimulated most of the time. We are encouraged to have unrealistic expectations to take on responsibilities with stressful deadlines. It is easier to ignore taking care of ourselves and we are rewarded for doing so. Unfortunately, many of us do not feel like we have a good support system we can regularly make use of. Our goals and our behaviors are often out of sync. We do not acknowledge or resolve our emotions as they happen. We lack healthy boundaries and may have lowered self-esteem. In fact, many of us do not really know ourselves on a deep level.

See if you can identify yourself in the following ways of “managing”

  • Deny it? (I’m not tense; I’m just terribly, terribly alert).
  • Medicate it? (Wine, Chocolate).
  • Boast or complain about it? (Yikes).
  • Percussive maintenance? (That’s when you whack the heck out of something).
  • Gratitude, forgiveness, letting go (Now we’re getting somewhere).
  • Humor (Did you know that Karaoke is Japanese for tone deaf).
  • Exercise (I saw a friend a few months ago who I used to work with; she was on the North Rim of the Grand Canyon getting ready to hike across to the South Rim by herself; she told me it was trail therapy).
  • Solitude (there are retreats where you can be totally non-verbal, doesn’t that sound refreshing!)

Did anyone say massage?

Along with all the other benefits of massage therapy, consider this. A bio frequency monitor shows the average frequency of the healthy human body is 62 to 72 Hz. When the frequency drops to 58Hz, cold and flu symptoms can manifest. At 55Hz, Candida. At 52Hz, Chronic Fatigue. At 42Hz, Cancer. Essential Oils (often used in massage) have a frequency of up to 320Hz and inherently have the ability to significantly raise the bodys’ frequency.

Let’s remember to slow down, relax, breathe, stop and smell the roses (and get a massage for stress management).

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Self Love

Thought I’d avoid the usual Valentines Day jargon and simply remind you to take the very best loving care of yourself that you possibly can. You probably have several people relying on you to show up and be there for them, whether it’s your spouse, a family member, friend or neighbor. Without you, things could fall apart, which makes you a VIP so treat yourself like one! Most of us have the tendency to put ourselves last, or close to last so here are five simple ways to reduce stress and take care of you.

  • Unplug your phone! Want to get a massage, take a long bath, meditate or read without interruption? Temporarily disconnect. The chance of there being a terrible emergency in the next hour or so is virtually nil. For Swiss cheese memories like mine, write yourself a note to turn it back on when you’re done.
  • Add an ounce of love to everything you do, even if it’s a distasteful situation or a difficult contact.
  • Simplify, simplify, simplify. Don’t put up with something that doesn’t work right. Could be an alarm clock, windshield wipers, a job or even a relationship. Get rid of whatever no longer serves you in your life.
  • Get enough sleep. If necessary, use an alarm clock to remind you to go to bed. Have a nighttime ritual. Don’t drink caffeinated beverages or work on the computer late in the evening; even if you think they don’t affect your sleep, they do. If you can’t sleep at night, schedule nap time or rest time during the day. Honor your own, unique biorhythm. In extremes, seek trusted professional help.
  • Associate with non-worriers and detach from chronically negative people.

I’m sure you can add to this list with very little effort. The problem is not knowing what to do, it’s doing it, yes? Though I was a little short of cash after my UK trip, I got a 90-minute massage a few days ago to help me get over jet lag and air travel and to get back into my Sedona groove. Money well spent! As I lay on the table drifting and dreaming I felt that all was right with the world and I could handle whatever life offered me next. We can all use this reinforcement from time to time.

Take good care and see you soon!