Trigger Points

Trigger points can be found throughout your body. They are painful, extra-tense points within a tight muscle.

If left unattended they will shorten your muscles’ reach and refer pain to surrounding areas causing other muscles to tighten and shorten as they become impacted.

Eventually trigger points can change the way you walk and move!

Here are six ways to release trigger points.

With your hands, wherever you can reach. Likely areas would be top of the shoulders, feet, top of the neck against your skull, knees, and hands.

On a tennis ball on the floor or against the wall. Key areas would be between the shoulder blades and around the hip joint, feet again.


With a Theracane. Deep pressure delivered to the top of shoulders, outside of the thighs and back; no need to get down on the floor!


By foam rolling, often called SMR or self-myofascial release. Key areas are thighs (front, back, inner, outer) and legs.


With a partner. They may be willing to apply the pressure and you can do the movement.


Come in and get a massage of course! Let my fingers do the walking.


The key to all of these methods is patience. You must be willing to stay in position and WAIT for the muscle to release. The length of time you wait will depend on how long the trigger point has been there, whether or not the surrounding bony structures are in correct alignment, if there has been an injury or not and how dense or loosely packed your muscle tissue is.

After only a few minutes of working with your trigger points you will feel significant pain relief and relaxation. I do this every few days just to take the kinks out and to shorten my recovery time.

Occasionally when I’m having trouble sleeping, 10 minutes trigger point release works very well to prepare me for sleep or to put me back to sleep. Try it!

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