Grand Canyon Hike

I recently joined a group of our friends once again, on an annual Rim to Rim to Rim hike (R3 they call it) at the Grand Canyon. I hiked it and liked it 4 years in a row but have decided to preserve my knees and feet and save myself for daily hiking the rest of the year. Now I tag along by car and greet them when they come up at each rim with encouragement, applause and sometimes a cold beer! We do it in October and several of our group are breast cancer survivors so it is an unofficial statement of the strength and reserve of the human body and psyche.I am delighted by the excitement for life that this group has. If you have read any of my articles then you know what a fan I am of regular exercise. I have been active my whole life and blessed with the good health to stay that way. I began doing high impact aerobics in my late 20s (not recommended) when all that first became popular and then I started running around age 35 on a challenge from a personal trainer (a trainer is highly recommended, see my page on tips and favorite providers). After several years, my back decided that I had to choose between running and doing massage so I started hiking instead of running. Massage and hiking have been my joy ever since. Come to Sedona to hike and then seek me out for a massage later. And if you want a greater challenge then there’s always the Grand Canyon just a couple of hours away…

PH balance for less pain

Let’s not forget about the role that our diet plays in the suppleness and resilience of our body.

In natures larder there is very little that is always ‘good’ or always ‘bad’. The key is to look for balance and to gently strive to return to that balance over and over again.

I know I am not a dietician or nutritionist and I never diagnose, so that I always stay within my own professional and ethical boundaries. When working with clients I do share what has worked for me and what I have seen work for others.

When there is chronic pain and inflammation in the body, barring other contraindications, I always recommend a careful cleanse to restore a healthy PH balance. The typical American diet tends to be on the acid side, which can add to general inflammation. Eating largely from the list of alkaline forming foods for a few days can reduce this acidity and give you a healthy fresh start. You will feel the difference, guaranteed. Continue with the ‘anti-inflammatory’ diet to feel better consistently.

You can Google entire lists of acid and alkaline forming foods but here are the basics:

Eat more fresh fruits and vegetables…a lot more (alkaline forming)

Increase fish, nuts and beans (alkaline forming)

Drink more herbal teas and cut coffee (alkaline forming)

Limit or eliminate processed foods (these foods are acid forming)

Avoid saturated and trans fats (acid forming)

Eat less meat and eggs (acid forming)

If you want to feel more alive, eat more live food!