Inner Spring Cleaning

Are you enjoying Spring? I love the milder temps, more reliable weather and a fabulous display of flowers. It’s also a great time of year to do an inner cleanse.

Debbie Ford, the American self-help author, coach and lecturer wrote: “When you take the time to cleanse your physical body of accumulated stress and toxicity, you are rewarded with increased vitality and optimal health.”

Springtime is the perfect time to do a small or large cleanse since our energy is up and we’re ready to go. Cleansing can be as simple or complicated as you care to make it.

Here are some simple cleanses you might like to try for at least three days:

  • Consume only organic, freshly homemade vegetable and fruit juices with pure water.
  • Simple Kitchori cleanse – Eat only soaked and cooked brown rice and mung beans with slight seasoning. Drink pure water.
  • Eat light/colon cleanse – Eat only fresh homemade vegetable broth, coupled with a colon cleanse.
  • Combine lemons, cayenne pepper and maple syrup to drink throughout the day.
  • Go online and select a cleanse that your body resonates with.

Always check with your doctor before cleansing, make careful preparations to succeed (loosen up your commitments during your cleanse), make at least one massage appointment and then jump in! After your cleanse, be nice to your tummy and colon by easing back to eating whole foods.

Benefits of cleansing are:

  • Cleanse and detox the body
  • Improve digestion
  • Help subdue cravings
  • Jumpstart weight loss
  • Simplify by taking the focus off of food
  • Enjoy better elimination, colon cleansing
  • Introspection nourishes the spirit
  • Clear the mind to encourage new ideas
  • Self-awareness helps you and those around you
  • Calm down and chill out – both mentally and physically
  • Adrenal booster! Alcohol, sugar, refined food and caffeine all contribute to adrenal fatigue.
  • Create an opportunity to meditate, breathe and/or journal

Reward yourself for a successful cleanse with a thoughtful, restorative massage. Massage is a micro-cleanse in and of itself so adding a session will enhance every aspect of your effort. Massage will comfort you and help you relax, especially if your ‘stuff’ comes up and helps move debris out of the body from both the blood and lymph system by greatly increasing circulation. Make sure you include an abdominal massage to help improve digestion and elimination

With this impressive list of health benefits, why would you not give it a try? Embrace your good health by calling me (480-720-6853) for massage support during your cleanse this Spring.

Feel Better, Stay Well. Body Dialog Massage.


Breasts and Belly – Part One – Breast Massage

When was the last time you included a breast massage in your regular massage appointment?
While some women assume breasts will be included in a full body massage, most American women are more protective of these sensitive areas and in general there is still significant stigma attached to breast massage.
Consider these nine reasons why you might want to ask about breast massage the next time you see your therapist:
  • Massage assists in general recovery after cancer surgery and treatment.
  •  Helps prevent hardening after breast enhancement (capsular contracture).
  •  Improves breast health through better lymphatic drainage and blood circulation.
  •  Relieves breast tenderness where cancer has been ruled out.
  •  Lessens breast scarring.
  •  Relieves engorged breasts during pregnancy and breast-feeding.
  •  Reduces PMS tenderness.
  •  Opens the chest and eases breathing where posture is poor.
  •  Encourages breast self-examination and a positive relationship with ones own breasts.

Breast massage should always be done with respect and mindfulness. Your massage therapist will discuss with you how the session will proceed and will ask for separate written consent. She will use sufficient draping and will check in often with you to make sure you are comfortable. Male therapists might want to refer their female clients to a trusted female associate.
After chatting with your therapist, you may decide to make breast massage a regular part of your health care.